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Inspiration Article

Link to DJ Bio Page: Donn Erisman Here is an article that the new general manager recently wrote about me (& Kathi Goertzen).  Click here.

Member News - February 2012

Link to DJ Bio Page: Member Advance tickets available for the sunset cruise aboard The AdventuressCall now (425) 303-9070 to reserve your place on board!! The Adventuress is a nearly 100 year old sailing vessel.  She is the “crowning jewel” of the Pacific Northwest’s collection of wooden boats.  Originally commissioned in 1913 for scientific research in the Arctic, today this Port Townsend based National Historic Landmark sails the seas offering environmental education, traditional sailing experiences and fun for the whole family. Every year for the past 10 years, KSER and The Adventuress have teamed up for a joint fund-raising sail from Everett.  There’s always good food, good fun and good music performed by a local musician that makes the 3 hours on the water fly by like the gulls off the starboard side. This year the sail happens from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday, April 7th and for the first time, you can reserve tickets for this sail.   

sukiyski hawaiian style

Link to DJ Bio Page: Donn ErismanIn reference to the Celcilo & Kapono version of "Sukiyski";here is the recipie of Sukiyski Hawaiian Style,5293329

Nordic Roots & Branches 8/17/10 Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen 8:31p Hoven Droven Årepolska Groove NorthSide 8:39p Svart Kaffe - Chants et Musiques du Monde - Suéde Hurven, Polska Från Värmland Svart Kaffe - Chants Et Musiques Du Monde - Suéde  Nomis 8:39p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK-   8:42p Bel Canto Summer Shimmering, Warm & Bright Crammed Discs 8:52p Nattergal Vem Kan Segla Förutan Vind Scandinavian Folk Music Ensemble Nattergal

Nordic Roots & Branches 8/10/10 Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen TimeArtistSongAlbumLabel 8:34p Sturla Eide Murru Sturla Eide: Murru Norco 8:38p Nikolai Blad Joskus Minäkin Palaan Pietariin Nikolai Blad Louma 8:38p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK-   8:42p A Camp Angel Of Sadness A Camp Stockholm Records 8:44p Olav Mjelva Den som rulla ete golvet Loav Luksengard Mjelva Etnisk Musikklubb

Nordic Roots & Branches 7/7/10 Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen TimeArtistSongAlbumLabel 8:34p Väsen Ploska Gront Xource 8:38p Gröndal, Ragnheiður Before It Gets To Loud Bella & Her Black Coffee Sena 8:42p Lundeng, Susanne Brurmarsj Etter Johan A.

Nordic Roots & Branches

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen TimeArtistSongAlbumLabel 8:32p Geitungen Masurka Langt ut Grappa 8:38p Roar Engelberg Corranto 2 Panorama Kirkelig Kulturverksted 8:41p Ramsby & Martin Hederos, Nina Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa Visorna Amigo 8:43p Knut Erik Jensen Tveitt: Gods Goodness And Gods Greatness Nordic Elegance Piacevole Records 8:56p Josefina Ostling Griffenfeldt Josefina Ostling Josefina Ostling

Nordic Roots & Branches 6/15/10 Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen TimeArtistSongAlbumLabel 8:30p Erika & Cecilia C-Mollpolskan Päror Tongång 8:34p Svanevit Svanevit Svanevit Westpark Music 8:39p Cat Stevens Lady D'Arbanville Mona Bone Jakon A&M 8:43p Johansson, Jan Arbetsbyte Piano Heptagon 8:48p Vamp Vise om Sorgen Horisonter BMG Ariola

Nordic Roots & Branches 6/8/10 Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen TimeArtistSongAlbumLabel 8:32p Väsen Carl Linnæus polones Linnæus Väsen NorthSide 8:37p Knut Reiersrud Tramp The Rough Guide To The Music Of Scandinavia World Music Network 8:40p Cat Stevens Pop Star Mona Bone Jakon A&M 8:45p Sin Fang Bous Catch The Light Clangour Rune Grammafon 8:48p Jaerv (Djärv) Kärleken I Världen Inrikes Jaerv Records

Nordic Roots & Branches 6/1/10 Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen 8:31p Fenja Menja Norsk Reinlænder Folk Music From Denmark 2002 Danish Folk Council 8:38p Movits! Fel Del av Garden Fel Del av Garden Comedy Central Records 8:42p Afenginn Andante Mobile Akrobakkus TUTL 8:46p Bodil Haug Tankens runer og mit farvel til Norge Snart lyset sig mon svinge Etnisk Musikklub 8:52p Fotefar & Håvard Lund Teppe teppe tuva Fest Kirkelig Kulturverksted 8:54p