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From Here To Obscurity Playlist 4/22/09

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry BennettEast Side Story    District Six Garage Beat '66 Vol. 7    The Pilgrimage    Bad Apple    Teenage Shutdown-Things Been Bad Russ Krueger    Keep Me Satisfied    Hot Generation-'60s Punk From Down Under The Knaves     Leave Me Alone    Oh Yeah-The Best Of Dunwich Records  Q65     Down At The Bottom    Revolution Downliner Sect    Little Egypt   The Defiitive Downliner Sect-Singles A's & B's The Litter    The Egyptian    Distortions

Nordic Roots and Branches 4/21/2009 Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen 8:38p Henrik Jansberg Kannibal Vals Folk & Roots Exlibris 8:39p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK-  

Nordic Roots and Branches 4/14/2009 Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen 8:39p Johanna Juhola Hippo FolkeLarm Oslo 2008 8:40p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK-  

Coming Soon to KSER

Link to DJ Bio Page: Sound Living ArchiveSound Living is a new local public affairs program on KSER, currently in development. We hope to launch the program soon.

From Here To obscurity Playlist 4-8-09

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry BennettPowder    Kick Me    Biff! Bang! PowderBrain    Police Oh No    Brain PoliceThe Bush    Sit Down, Shut Up, Don't Talk    Got Bush If You Want ItThe Purple Hearts    Of Hopes & Dreams & Tombstones    The Purple HeartsWanderers    Higher Education    Destination Frantic Vol. 3 Sticks & Stones    Try    Wild Sydes Vol. 6The Rouges Don't Follow Me Sixties Rebellion Vol. 7-The Backyard PatioJohn English & The Lemondrops Just Don't Complain The Preachers-Moanin'The Triumphs Triumphs Theme Garageaholic! Psychedelic! Outsider Music!

Nordic Roots and Branches Playlist April 7, 2009

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen:34p Eskil Romme Around April Himmerlandsmelodier www.tutl.com8:34p Heidi Marie Kjersem A Killer For That Ache A Killer For That Ache 8:38p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- 8:39p Frifot I Denna Ljuva Sommartid The Rough Guide To The Music Of Scandinavia World Music Network8:43p Taket Livattjo Schottis Taket taketmusic8:48p Kim André Rysstad Ustadig Venn Tak Hardt Uti Hand 8:55p Bill Booth Bay Ridge Brooklyn recorded live @ KSER! 8:55p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- 8:57p Hege Rimestad Skinfakse The Rough Guide To The Music Of Scandinavia World Music Network8:59p Laleh Part Two Prinsessor Warner Records9:01p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- 9:01p Aika, Suden Suen Synty Armas LAIKA Records

From Here To Obscurity Playlist 4/1/09

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry BennettTom Carter & The Ramrods   Flying Saucer Twist   Single (45)    The Outer Limits   Don't Need You No More   New Mexico Punk From The Sixties (LP)    The Oxford Five   The World I've Planned   Grains Of Time    The Sound Sandwich   Zig Zag News   Ain't It Hard    The Mustangs   Nova News   Riverside Garage Legends...And That's For Sure    The Leathercoated Minds   Eight Miles High   Ain't It Hard    The Rockin' Rogues   Loose From My Mind      It's A Kave In   

From Here To Obscurity Playlist 03-25-09

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry BennettThe Shadows Of Knight    I'll Make You Sorry    Back Door MenJohnny Fortune    Don Stole My Girl    Wyld Sydes Vol. 9Claytons    Puttin' Me On    Trip In Tyme Vol. 2The Wooley Ones    Put Her Down    Scarey BusinessThe Triumphs    Lovin' Cup    Teenage Shutdown-The World Ain't Round, It's Square The Immediate Family    Wet Chant    What a Way To Come DownMedia    Girl, I Want You    Gravel Vol. 5Chozen Ones    Cold Summer    Trip In Tyme Vol. 2

Songs from Wailers interview 3-19-09

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry BennettMost of these were picked by Kent and Buck as the interview progressed. Out Of Our TreeDirty RobberLouie LouieTall Cool OneLivewireTough BounceBaby Don't Do ItWailin'Hang UpSince You've Been GoneIt's You AloneMashiLucilleIsabellaGunnin' For Peter