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Link to DJ Bio Page: KarenDuring this interview hear Lise Olden talk about her new cd, Waiting for the Full Moon, her first impressions of the US and much more Tuesday, March 17th at 8:30 pm on Nordic Roots and Branches. Strreaming live at  http://www/   and on the dial at 90.7 fm in Everett. Lise's works incorporate her fabulous multi octave voice with lush pop instrumentations - all combined with a magnificent Nordic flavor. one of her US debut shows:

From Here To Obscurity playlist 3-11-09

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry BennettPlaylist 3-11-09 The Beefeaters    Don't Hurt Me    Crystal Green Ties Vol. 3Undecyded    Make Her Cry    Garage Punk Unknown Pt. 1The Pyramids    I Don't wanna Cry    Teenage Rebellion 9-The NightclubCherry Slush    I Cannot Stop    You You Gotta Have Moxie Vol. 1It's Us    Don't Want Your Lovin'    Back From The Grave Pt. 4 The Wailers    Isabella    Original Golden Crest Masters

March 10, Nordic Roots and Branches Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: KarenTime Artist Song Album Label8:35p Taket Krötåsen Taket taketmusic8:36p Suden Duden Kari Og Ola FolkeLarm Oslo 2008 www.emcd.no8:39p Carl Erik Lundgaaard Jens Mynster's Chance Danish Folk and Roots 2009 ncb8:48p Lise Olden I Told You So Waiting for the Full Moon 8:48p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- 8:53p Torbjörn Näsbom & Andreas Edlund (Nyckelharpa & Cembalo) Marin Marais/ La Rèveuse From Castle & Cottage 8:56p Maya, Kalenda Villemann Og Magnhild Norske Middelalderballader - Norse Ballads www.kkv.no9:00p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- 9:13p Stjórnandi / Conductor : Bernharður Wilkinson Scherzo Concreto Op. 58 ~ Moderato Erfiljóð / Elegies

March 3, 2009 Nordic Roots and Branches Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen8:45a -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- 8:45a Elfa Gisa lullabies and stories Interview 8:33p Helene Blum Vil Du Som Jeg Folk and Roots from Denmark www.folkmusik.dk8:33p Nordic Variación Andina Metropol Nordic Music.nu8:38p Tietur The Singer The Singer www.tutl.com8:43p Lise Olden Voice In The Wind Waiting For The Full Moon 8:43p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- 9:10p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- 9:10p Lief Sorbye Det Star Ein Friar Uti Gare (There'S A Suitor In T Springdans 9:11p Gröndal, Ragnheiður Won't You Come On Home Bella & Her Black Coffee 9:25p Kristian Blak and Anders Hjuler Picasso and Van Gogh Duologues www.tutl.com9:26p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK-

From Here To Obscurity Playlist 3-4-09

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry BennettThe Hangman Of Fairfield County    Stacey    Hipsville 29 BC (LP)The Trolls    Laughing All The Way    Destination Frantic Vol. 2The Beaux Jens    She Was Mine    Back From The Grave Part 3Mike And The Ravens    Goodbye To Maryjane    NevermoreFever Tree    I Can Beat Your Drum     Garage Beat '66 Vol. 1 Jeff St. John And The Id    Sunaroid '67    Ugly Things Vol. 1 (LP)Bold    Gotta Get Some    Pebbles Vol. 10Silver Fleet    Look Out World    Pebbles Vol. 7 (LP)

From Here To Obscurity Playlist 2-25-09

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry BennettThe Purple Hearts    I'm Gonna Try    The Purple Hearts (LP) The Chains     It's A Shame    The Beatles Of El Paso Faine Jade   Can't Get You Out Of My Heart    It Ain't True-Distortions (LP) The Beatles     Devil In Her Heart    With The Beatles The Myst    I'm Crying    Psychedelic Unknowns Vol, 4 Ambushers    I Need Love Trip   In Tyme Vol.2 The Inspirations   That Girl    Badger Beat (LP)

Feb 24, 2009 Nordic Roots & Branches Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: KarenTime Artist Song Album Label8:32p Phønix 2002 2002 2002 Pigen & Drengen GO' Danish folk music Distribution8:40p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- 8:41p Gröndal, Ragnheiður Bella Bella & Her Black Coffee 8:41p Nordic Metropolitan Metropol Nordic Music.nu8:45p Ingvill Marit Buen Garnås Den bakvendte visa Gåtesong Etnisk musikklubb8:51p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- 8:56p Anders Norudde Digerposkan/Bulky Polska Himself Northside www.noside.com8:57p Ekdahl, Lisa Små Onda Djävlar Med Kroppen Mot Jorden RCA Records Label9:02p Darkwood Consort Conversazione Gaia. Rondo Finale. Allegro Non Trop Tro Og Håb Spiller 9:02p -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK- -MIC BREAK-

2/24 on Tuesday and Friday 27th SeeIn Green

Link to DJ Bio Page: Seein' GreenShore Stewards is what SeeIn Green is talking about this week! Check out this organization and start learning how to live the life of a Shore Steward.

Playlist 2/18/09 Cramps Tribute

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry BennettThe cuts listed as Radio Cramps- The Purple KNIF Show are from a radio show Lux Interior of The Cramps did in 1984. They are rare items from his record collection mostly unavailable on compilations. Tamerons    Wild Man    Tobacco A-Go-Go Vol. 3Dean Carter    Rebel Woman    Call Of The WildSounds Unlimited     Cool One    Tobacco A-Go-Go Vol. 3The Cramps    TV Set    Songs The Lord Taught UsThe Sonics    He's Waiting    BoomScreamin' Jay Hawkins     Little Demon    Cow Fingers And Mosquito Pie

February 17, 2009 Nordic Roots & Branches Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen 8:36p Svanevit Fiskeskär Svanevit   8:36p Techno Squirrels Everything (Sean McGhee Mix) Plastic Makes It Possible rave police records