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Donner's Pass live on Bluegrass Express

Link to DJ Bio Page: Miss NicoletteThis Saturday at 11:00 on Bluegrass Express, tune in for a live performance by Donner's Pass, local bluegrass from the Everett area.

From Here To Obscurity Playlist 12-10-08

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry BennettBand / Song / CD/LP The Telstars/ True Love Has Gone Forever / BeatkillersCuby & Blizzasrds / I'm So Restless / Searching In The Wilderness (LP)The Outsiders / Lying All The Time / Strange Things Are HappeningThe Pleazers / Hurtin' All Over / Wild Things 1 (LP)Namelosers / I'm So Blue / Searching In The Wilderness (LP)

Cheating Songs Show This Saturday From 5-7 PM

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jeff HofmanAfter the Pull The String Winter Depression show, stay tuned to the Dusties all cheating songs show from 5-7 PM.  I'll feature some of the best soul music cheating songs with titles such as "If We Get Caught I Don't Know You", "If She's Your Wife (Then Who Am I)", "The Dark End Of The Street", "Who's Cheating Who", "Another Man's Woman, Ano

Derv's Best of 2008

Link to DJ Bio Page: Artist – Album – Label Ajejandro Escovedo – Real Animal – Manhattan

My Top CD's For 2008

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jeff HofmanHere are my top Soul and R&B music related CD’s for 2008.  They have been broken down by the following categories.  Top individual or group, top various artists and honorable mention.  My choices are in no par

Wyrm live on the Tunnel!

Link to DJ Bio Page: This Friday on the Tunnel, the experimental group Wyrm, will be performing live in the KSER studios.

From Here To Obscurity Playlist 12-3-08

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry BennettBand / Song / CD LP The Mods / All The Day / At The Club (LP)Grapes Of Wrath    / Baby Come On Home / Wyld Sydes Vol. 6The Underprivileged / You Hurt Me / Sixties Rebellion Vol. 4Goodsons / Twisted Mind / Gravel Vol. 4The Plague / Go Away / Teenage Shutdown-I'm A No Count

Nordic Roots and Branches Playlist 12/02/08

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen TimeArtistSongAlbumLabel 8:32p

From Here To Obscurity 11-26 Show

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry BennettNo Playlist this week. I had a full interview with Randy Hansen, talked about his world renown Jimi Hendrix tribute and other topics. He played a few live acoustic sets and some of  his recorded music. Thanks to Randy and his publicist AC for a great show!

Nordic Roots and Branches 11/25/08 Playlist

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen 8:38p JPP Tango de Caro Artology