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sunday joint

Link to DJ Bio Page: Dawgplayful yet restful, the sunday meal, diverse mixture of meat, bread, cheese, deviled eggs, cake and creamcheese, settling in, post mastication, post dislodged from all it's packaging.  the evening has long since given way to the night.  cold...cold wind whipping the windows and i, surrounded by my friends.  skamper the tabby, claudia the seal point

11-19-08 Playlist From Here To Obscurity

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry Bennett            BAND / SONG / CD/LPPeck's Bad Boy's / Crazy World / Tougher Than StainsThe Alarm Clocks / No Reason To Complain / YeahThe Black Devils / I Ain't Got You / Beat Im NordenSonics Inc / Nobody To Love / Teenage Shutdown-Nobody To Love

Nordic Roots and Branches Playlist 11-18-08

Link to DJ Bio Page: Karen TimeArtistSongAlbumLabel 8:33p

PLAYLIST 11-12-08

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry BennettPLAYLIST 11-12-08 BAND / SONG / CD OR LP Gold / No Parking / What A Way To Come Down The Pretty Things / Honey, I Need / The Pretty Things The Cinders / Gloria / Now Hear This The Yardleys / The Light Won't Shine / Lost Souls Jesters Don't Try To Call Back / Wyld sydes Vol. 3 Thee Avanties / I Want to Understand / Quagmire Vol. 1

From Here To Obscurity Playlist 11-5

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jerry Bennett11-5-08         Band                  Song            LP/CD Le Fleur De Lys / Mud in Your Eye / Reflections Adrian Lloyd / Lorna / Sixties Rebellion Vol. 3 The Hides / Don't Be Difficult / Burghers Vol. 1

k9 reaction to election

Link to DJ Bio Page: Dawgcouldn't be more pleased america is smarter than i gave you credit for there is no magic here but, another chance

A "NIGHTMARE" on Indie Streets

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jon NoeThis Friday, Halloween night I will be doing a special show on KSER. It will be two hours of monster songs, horror movie music, scary stories and other cool stuff.

timid time

Link to DJ Bio Page: DawgSoily rumpled, not near enough sleep renders me useless for the afternoon.  When the chips are down, you can't see the colors...after long enough time has passed, you forget you had any anyway...

the casual dawg 10/29/2008

Link to DJ Bio Page: Dawgdigital television - high definition radio - fuzzy stuff on my socks...  Today's passage through space and time reveals continuity... my vision is enhanced by my gong (combined with the millions of 'floaters' out there).  The basic has fled before the complex layers of visual dust...I am my own mountain...hidden in this va

Nordic Roots and Branches Playlist 10 28 08

Link to DJ Bio Page: KarenShow: Nordic Roots & BranchesHost: KarenDate: Tuesday, 10/28/08, 8 PM