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Casual Dawg

Link to DJ Bio Page: DawgWandering 'off campus' at lunch today...talking with the folks on the strike line...four hours waving a cardboard sign ona stick gets boring after a few days and they have been out for several now...needless to say, they are bored...

the casual dawg

Link to DJ Bio Page: Dawg10128

The Blueshouse Welcomes You Thursday Nights @ 10:30 PT

Link to DJ Bio Page: Jonathan RichardsJonathan "Oogie" Richards saying welcome to our joint on the web! We bring you the blues every Thursday night at 10:30 PM keeping it real and raw the way the great bluesman and woman intended it to be played! The Blueshouse brings a different mix of the music that attracts listeners old and young, as the blues knows no age limit.

Von's Secret Stash

Link to DJ Bio Page: Featured artist tonight is Janis Joplin.

Welcome to the new KSER website!

Link to DJ Bio Page: We're excited to launch our new KSER website! I've heard many suggestions and ideas about how we could improve our website over my past two years here, and I'm happy to say, we've managed to address most of them with our new site. You'll find many of the most frequently requested features under the hood: