Why Your Contribution Matters.

When you contribute to KSER, you make a difference in your community.

KSER plays a vital role in our community, educating the public on important issues and connecting you to the wider community.

KSER shines a light on the work of numerous other service, educational, governmental and arts organizations that enhance the quality of life in here in the Snohomish, Island, Jefferson, and North King Counties.

When you support KSER, you amplify the reach and impact of other people making a difference in our community.

The music you hear on KSER is unlike any found elsewhere on the dial. It's free of commercials and inspired by a passion for the unique, the exceptional. And KSER connects you to the local music scene and local artists not often heard elsewhere on the dial.

When you support KSER, you support arts, entertainment, musicians and culture in your own community.

KSER is listener-supported, independent public radio. We are a tax-exempt, non-profit organization, and rely on individual listener contributions for over 50% of our income. 

With YOUR support, the service that makes a difference in your life, and in our community, grows and thrives.

There are a number of ways to contribute: donating money, services, and your time.

Every contribution makes a difference!

Make Your Donation Now

KSER is recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)3 non-profit foundation and a public charity under 509(a)(1) and 170(b)(1)(A)(vi) of IRS tax code. Learn more about the KSER Foundation...

You can make a tax-deductible donation:

90.7 KSER
2623 Wetmore Ave
Everett, WA 98201 

KSER Foundation Privacy Policy

Contribute to our Challenge Fund

The KSER Challenge Fund has a profound impact on our ability to raise money during our membership drives. Your donation demonstrates your commitment to the community and motivates others to step up to the plate.

During our on-air drive, listeners are offered a challenge: meet a particular goal within a particular time frame, and our challenge fund donor (you) match all contributions up to a specific amount (set by you).

Your gift provides an incentive for many new listeners to join you in supporting KSER.

A Challenge Fund donor is a leader in rallying community support for KSER's valuable public service.

Donations to the Challenge Fund are tax-deductable and may be made in one payment, or on an installment plan. Contact Tom Clendening for more information.

Become a Radio Angel

Radio Angels are individuals who contribute to honor and promote the work of another non-profit group or organization.

For $365 or more, the non-profit of your choice will be acknowledged on-air once a month, and on our website with a link to their home page. Becoming a KSER Radio Angel is a way to support the work of TWO great non-profits: your favorite public radio station, and your other favorite non-profit group.

Contact Tom Clendening for more information about becoming a radio angel.

Support KSER as a program Underwriter

Underwriting puts your organizational values in front of KSER's listeners, supporting the station financially and letting listeners know you value community public radio. Learn more here.

Donate Services and Products from your Business

Let us know what you can offer, either for free or at an amazing discount.

Donate Time

Volunteer either at our studio/office or from your home. We are in constant need of help with our administrative, outreach, and even production efforts.

Donate Stocks and/or Bonds

Contact us to make a tax-exempt stock donation.

Does your Employer have a Charitable Gift Matching Program?

Many companies offer a matching gift programs for their employees. If your company does have such a program, please register your donation with them so they can match it. For a copy of KSER's IRS Tax Exempt Status documentation, click here.

Donate in Honor of a Special Occasion or in Memory of a Beloved

We can send a notice to the recipient of your choice to let them know that you have sent them a gift in the form of a donation to KSER send us an email to let us know who you would like to donate in honor of.

Would you like friends to donate to KSER in Lieu of Receiving Gifts for your Special Occasion?
Ask friends and family to donate to KSER using our on-line donation page and write into the comments field who the gift is in honor of when they check out. We will keep track of your personal donor list and thank them on your behalf.

Thinking of Estate & Planned Gift Giving?

You might consider leaving assets to KSER in your will. If so, let us know. Contact Tom Clendening. He can discuss the options and opportunities for recognizing your gift.

Interested in contributing as a business?