Music Highlights


Classical Edge - Sun 4am

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Every Sunday 4am-6am on KSER (a repeat of Tuesday's show), join  Chris Wartes, with the best in 20th & 21st Generation Classical Music.  Tell a friend about Classical Edge on KSER, they can visit our website at  

Classic Guitar Alive - Sun 6am

Start your Sunday with the beauty and intimacy of classical guitar.  Classical Guitar Alive! is the only nationally-broadcast guitar radio program in the United States. Music and interviews with the world's leading guitarists, performers - Classical Guitar shares the beauty and passion of classical guitar with our listeners.

Da Coconut Wireless - Sun 5pm

Tune in for new and traditional music of the Hawaiian Isles, from Jawaiian to slack key. Da Coconut Wireless is the Hawaiian euphemism for "the grape vine". Rotating hosts from the Northwest's Hawaiian community share music, talk story, and give occasional bit of news from the islands. Bruddah Ace, Kaimuki Girl, Pineapple Sam, Molly Mahalo, Sistah T and Trevor da Mouse share their love of island music and culture.

Floating World - Sun 3pm

Let the Floating World carry you across a sea of sounds from around the world Sundays at 3pm. Rotating hosts guide you through a mix of  music from cultures, places, and eras beyond your own experience.  The Floating World is your ticket to adventure--and maybe a little paradise.

Bluegrass Express - Sun 11am

Jump on board the Bluegrass Express as we take you back to the hills and hollers where rural country music began. Each host ( & ) has her own favorite stops along the way, guiding you through the range and beauty of bluegrass and old-time music.  Don't miss the Bluegrass Express!