Thom Hartmann Show - Tue 8am & 3pm

Like Democracy Now, this program looks at the news and issues of the day from a progressive perspective. The show is all about returning to a people centered democracy. It’s a 1-hour recap of Thom Hartmann’s best guests of the day.  

Sound Living - Tue 4pm

With a focus on North Puget Sound, Sound Living brings you local commentary, national perspectives, Snohomish and Island county events, people and stories into your car and radio. From environmental issues to political discussions to interesting ideas and people, Sound Living is a look at the places we call home.

Getting Your Dough to Rise - Tue 6pm

On the 10th anniversary of the tipping point that began The Great Recession, join host Chuck Noel as he converses with Bill Longbrake, Economist and Economic Advisor to Governor Inslee, who was at Washington Mutual at the time of its collapse 10 years ago.  Also, Rick Genoni, Managing Director of ETF's at Legg Mason, Baltimore, will address the ever expanding ETF universe, while updating listeners to his own smart beta ETF's performance.