New Dimensions - Sun 6am

THIS WEEK:  HOW POETRY CAN TRANSFORM OUR LIVES with Jane Hirshfiel. Jane Hirshfield believes that poetry can play a transformative role in our lives. She offers her perspective on beauty and how it cannot exist alone.

Alternative Radio - Sun 7am

THIS WEEK:  CORNEL WEST – LOVE & JUSTICE.  From Tamir Rice to Akai Gurley the names of African American men and boys killed by police keep piling up. The lack of a grand jury indictment in the Michael Brown case in Ferguson sparked a protest movement with signs and shouts of “Hands Up. Don’t Shoot” and “Black Lives Matter.” The death of Eric Garner in New York was videoed around the world. His plea of “I Can’t Breathe” became a rallying cry.

Sound Living (Rebroadcast From Friday 4pm) - Sun 8am

THIS WEEK:  BEING YOUNG AND HOMELESS IN SNOHOMISH COUNTY. If you walk the streets of downtown Everett, you might come across some unexpected art: “Take A Closer Look” is an installation of Cocoon House to draw attention to homeless young people. This week, we’ll talk about some of the art and talk about the problem of homeless young people with Tanya Burgess, a Cocoon House board member. Click to see "Take A Closer Look" images and video.

Travel With Rick Steves - Sun 9am

THIS WEEK:  FOLK MUSIC OF ITALY; SWISS WATCHING; WEEKEND IN WALES. A British ex-pat tells us what it's like to live in Switzerland, and explains why the Swiss are deliberately different from the rest of Europe. We'll also get pointers for fun things to explore on a weekend in Wales, from one of the country's top tour guides.

Democracy Now! - Mon 5am, 7am & 5pm

Democracy Now! is a daily progressive, nonprofit, independently syndicated news hour that airs on more than 1,250 radio, television, satellite and cable TV networks around the globe. Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez host. Heard at 5am, 7am and 5pm.