Democracy Now! - Fri 5am & 7am & 5pm

Democracy Now! is a daily progressive, nonprofit, independently syndicated news hour that airs on more than 1,250 radio, television, satellite and cable TV networks around the globe. Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez host. Heard at 5am, 7am and 5pm.

Flashpoint - Fri 6am

Flashpoints is an award-winning daily investigative newsmagazine broadcast on the national Pacifica Radio network, hosted by Dennis Bernstein. Through original reports and some of the key investigative reporters of our time, Flashpoints goes to the frontlines and to the core of the stories in the areas of government and corporate criminality, human rights, and economic justice.

The Thom Hartmann Show - Fri 8am & 3pm

Like Democracy Now, this program looks at the news and issues of the day from a progressive perspective. The show is all about returning to a people centered democracy. It’s a 1-hour recap of Thom Hartmann’s best guests of the day.  

Sound Living - Fri 4pm

THIS WEEK:  Mill Town Boy.  Everett became a city in 1890.  A little over a decade later, the first Fosheim arrived as an immigrant from Norway.  The family has been part of Everett ever since.  The story of one Fosheim, Raymond, is told by his son, Gene in the book, Mill Town Boy.   Mill Town Boy is an American story of immigration, but it is more than a biography of a man, it is the story of the town in which he grew up.  Join the conversation as we talk about the City of Smokestacks through the Great Depression, war, and peace with Gene Fosheim.

Between the Lines - Fri 6pm

THIS WEEK: Sheila Carapico, Prof. of Political Science & International Studies at the University of Richmond, VA., talks about 9/11, human rights violations and U.S-Saudi relations.  Also, James Hansen, former NASA climate scientist, discusses reduced use of fossil fuels and energy analyst and investigative reporter  Antonia Juhasz  reflects on the damage six years after the BP Oil Spill.