From Here To Obscurity Playlist 4/22/09

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East Side Story    District Six Garage Beat '66 Vol. 7   
The Pilgrimage    Bad Apple    Teenage Shutdown-Things Been Bad
Russ Krueger    Keep Me Satisfied    Hot Generation-'60s Punk From Down Under
The Knaves     Leave Me Alone    Oh Yeah-The Best Of Dunwich Records 
Q65     Down At The Bottom    Revolution

Downliner Sect    Little Egypt   The Defiitive Downliner Sect-Singles A's & B's
The Litter    The Egyptian    Distortions
Saxons   Please Don't Go    Worldbeaters Vol. 10
I Bizantini    I'm So Alone    Roma Rave Up
Friends    Bye Bye    Worldbeaters Vol. 10   
The Pagans    Baba Yaga     Teenage Shutdown-Things Been Bad

The Liberty Bell    That's How It Will Be    Garage Beat '66 Vol. 7
Fever Tree    Imitation Situation (Tocotta Fugue)    San Francisco Girls
Ray Columbus    We Want a Beat    Wild Things Vol. 2
The Pleasure Seekers     Never Thought You'd Leave Me    Hang It Out To Dry
The Black Diamonds     Not This Time     Hot Generation-'60s Punk From Down Under

The Romans    You Do Something To Me     Fuzz Flaykes & Shakes Vol. 3
The Riptides    I'm In Love    Hang It Out To Dry
The Tonespinners    You Were Born For Me     Wild Things Vol. 2
Sounds Unlimited    A Girl As Sweet As You    Oh Yeah-The Best Of Dunwich Records The Burlington Express    Memories    Fuzz Flaykes & Shakes Vol. 3

The Viscounts    Harlem Noctourne     Single
Dexter Romweber Duo    Cigarette Party    Dexter Romweber Duo
Imaginary Cowboys (Mik Gobel)    Psychesurff     Mp3 from Mik
The Galaxies    Make Love To Me    Required Etiquette
The Sentinals    Sunset Beach    All Heart But No Chart Vol. 1

Gonn    When I Was Young    Gonn With The Wind 
The Stillroven    Cheating    Cast Thy Burden (LP)
Cops & Robbers    I've Found Out     English Freakbeat Vol. 4
Creedence Clearwater Revival    Before You Accuse Me    Cosmos Factory

The Who    Doctor, Doctor    A Quick One
The Live Five    Anyway Anyhow Anywhere    Mp3 From The Live Five
Marty Rhone    Every Minute Of You    Pretty Ugly
Soul Agents    Don't Break It Up     English Freakbeat Vol. 4
The Blue Condition     Coming Home    Yesterday's Dawn (LP)

????    Conformity To Society    Aliens Psychos & Wildthings Vol. Fore
The Neighborhood    Children She's Got No Indentification    The Neighborhood Children (LP)
Psychotrons    Death Is A Dream    Aliens Psychos & Wildthings Vol. Fore
First Crew To The Moon    We Walk The Rain    Psychedelic Microdots 3
The Quik    I Can't Sleep    Psychedelia