Our Mission

To advance the common good in our community
through Public Radio and other services
dedicated to arts, ideas and civic engagement.

Our Values

In our dealings and relationships with listeners, community members, donors, supporters, staff, volunteers, and partners we will uphold the following values:


  • We have a positive impact on our community.
  • We promote understanding, tolerance, and civil dialog.
  • We are courageous, creative, and practice editorial independence.
  • We take care to represent the needs, voices and opinions of
  • marginalized people.


  • Our primary focus is on serving residents of Snohomish and Island Counties.
  • We are accountable to our community.
  • We represent and reflect the diversity in our community.


  • We will act from an ethical base, rooted in transparency and honesty.
  • We are compassionate and respectful in all our actions.
  • We follow through with our commitments.
  • We maintain the trust that people place in us.
  • We are fair and inclusive of diverse people and perspectives.
  • We strive for equity and fairness in our dealings with one another.
  • We treat people as ends in themselves and not means to an end.


  • Our service is timely and relevant.
  • Our service is accurate and reliable.
  • We are accessible to the communities we serve.
  • We provide a service that entertains, informs and inspires.


  • We provide a high-quality professional service, and maintain and develop skills in ourselves and others.
  • We maintain a positive, supportive and enjoyable environment for staff, volunteers, Board members, and visitors.
  • We promote diversity in our staff and volunteer base.
  • We are willing to take risks and innovate to achieve excellence.
  • Our organization is fiscally responsible and economical sustainable.


  • We create programming that uniquely represents the communities we serve.
  • We search out programming that is not easily available elsewhere.