Employment Opportunities at KSER

Job Title:  KSER Foundation Membership Coordinator
Type of Employment:  Regular Part-time
Position Type:  Staff

Summary of Job Duties and Responsibilities:  Manage and oversee KSER Foundation membership and donor database.  Enter and update all membership, donor and underwriting information in database. Ensure accuracy and security of database information. Assist in planning and execution of station membership drives, mailings and outreach to listeners, donors, underwriters and communities in general.  Assist in recording, producing  and scheduling underwriting announcements and promotional campaigns.  Represent KSER effectively in person and by other means including writing, telephone and email with station contributors, listeners and underwriters.  Execute best practices of public radio and KSER Foundation.

Education:  Bachelor’s Degree

Minimum Experience and Skill Requirements: Ability to create and use PC based databases for sales and membership revenue tracking.  Experience in professional writing for broadcast and written communications. 

Preferred Experience:  Experience in Broadcast editing and production; Broadcast sales and promo copy; Public radio experience. 

Salary/Benefits:  Salary commensurate with experience. This is a part-time position which does not include benefits.

Posting Date:  August 7, 2015

Open: Until Filled.

How to Apply: Send cover letter and resume by email to Tom@KSER.org


Job Title: KSER Underwriting Representative (Part-Time)

Type of Employment: Regular Part-Time
Position Type:  Staff – Part-Time

Summary of Job Duties and Responsibilities: Generate revenue for KSER Foundation by securing underwriting partnerships with businesses, organizations, foundations and non-profits. Manage the solicitation and maintenance of accounts for program underwriting and business memberships and assist in development and execution of special fundraising and station events. Service and maintain existing KSER underwriting accounts and business relationships. Generate new and increasing underwriting for KSER. Develop a plan for achieving established revenue goals for underwriting and develop a strategy to market KSER to the businesses, organizations, foundations, non-profits and others in a manner that reflects the KSER mission statement and operating principles.  Maintain records of activities and transactions.  Work in collaboration with staff and volunteers to schedule and produce underwriting credit announcements for broadcast. Consult regularly with station manager and development director to coordinate with station development activities and overall strategic plan and goals for station. Assist as needed in planning, coordination and execution of KSER pledge drives.  Work with station manager and board of directors to achieve goals for comprehensive campaign to build and develop KXIR, 89.9 FM.

Education:  Bachelor’s degree.

Minimum Experience and Skill Requirements:  Minimum of one year success in revenue generation through sales and/or fundraising or related experience.  Experience in developing contacts and relationships.  Experience in developing successful sales proposals and marketing material.  Demonstrate clarity and persuasiveness and professional presentation.

Preferred Experience:  Experience in media sales. Experience in public radio underwriting development.

Salary/Benefits:  Salary and/or Commission depending on experience.

Posting Date: August 7, 2015

Open:  Until Filled

How to Apply: Send cover letter and resume by email to Tom@KSER.org