Sound Living Live Callin Talk Show - Fri 4pm

THIS WEEK:   ISSUES THAT MATTER – END OF LIFE.   On October 22nd, at the Edmonds Center for the Arts, the Sno-Isle Libraries and KSER presented one in the series of “Issues That Matter” programs. This one is an examination of the issues surrounding preparation for the end of life decisions. It was not about “death with dignity,” but rather it was about insuring that the final days, weeks or months are lived in the manner you prefer: it was about having that important conversation now and documenting the decisions so there will be no questions, no hesitations, no confusion when decisions must be made. Listen to this Sound Living Special Edition on preparing for the end of life as recorded for “Issues That Matter.”

Between the Lines - Fri 6pm

Coming from WPKN public radio in Bridgeport, Connecticut, Between the Lines provides a platform for individuals and spokespersons from progressive organizations generally ignored or marginalized by the mainstream media.

Left, Right & Center - Fri 6:30pm

Provocative, up-to-the-minute, alive and witty, this weekly confrontation over politics, policy and popular culture proves those with impeccable credentials needn't lack personality. This weekly "love-hate relationship of the air" features four of the most insightful news analysts anywhere.

Alternative Radio - Sun 7am

THIS WEEK:    Michelle Alexander: Race and Class in the U.S. A string of shootings of young African Americans has generated national and international attention. Systemic questions are being asked. What is the role of racism? The United States has the largest prison population in the world. Programs alleviating poverty are cut back and simultaneously the coercive functions of the state are beefed up. Michelle Alexander is a professor of law at Ohio State University and holds a joint appointment at the Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity. She is the author of the bestseller The New Jim Crow.

New Dimensions - Sun 8am

THIS WEEK:  The Tender Beauty Of Aging with Alice and Richard MatzkinAlice and Richard Matzkin are aging lovers. She’s seventy, he’s sixty-six. They’re also artists whose work truly is an expression of their lives. Most recently they’ve been applying their gifts to express the beauty—yes, the beauty—of aging, and they do it with the tenderness they’ve learned in their twenty-seven years of loving each other.