New Dimensions - Sun 6am

Living In Meaningful Coincidence: Reflections Of A Physicist with F. David Peat, Ph.D.  In this reflective look at the synchronicities of his life, Peat reminisces about his friendship with colleagues like fellow physicist David Bohm, brain researcher Roger Penrose, sculptor Anish Kapoor and high school physics teacher Dicky Blink.

Alternative Radio - Sun 7am

Alternative Radio is an internationally syndicated, one-hour, weekly radio program, featuring serious interviews with humanitarian and progressive thinkers. Begun in 1986, it evolved from a program that journalist David Barsamian hosted on community radio station KGNU-FM, in Boulder, Colorado.

Sound Living (Rebroadcast From Fri 4pm) - Sun 8am

The 2017 Point In Time Homeless Count.  In late January, volunteers went into dark places to make an estimate of the number of homeless people living on the streets of Snohomish and Island Counties. Today on Sound Living we’ll talk about the 2017 PIT Count and what it discovered about the homeless in Snohomish and Island Counties.

Travel with Rick Steves - Sun 9am

Destination Space Station; Open Phones: Trip of a Lifetime.  Astronaut Colonel Cady Coleman explains how zero gravity changes the everyday things you do, and how circling planet Earth every 90-minutes will change your outlook on life. Plus, listeners share tales of their own unforgettable treks and travels, back on mother Earth.

Democracy Now! - Mon 5am, 7am & 5pm

Democracy Now! is a daily progressive, nonprofit, independently syndicated news hour that airs on more than 1,250 radio, television, satellite and cable TV networks around the globe. Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez host. Heard at 5am, 7am and 5pm.