KSER is volunteer-powered community public radio. Our sound is created by more than 100 professionally-managed volunteer DJs and News Producers.

Our DJs are music lovers who craft a high-variety programming mix unduplicated anywhere on the dial—from world music, folk, and bluegrass, to reggae, rock and blues. Each host creates their own program based on their unique knowledge and passion for the music.

Our News Producers are citizen-journalists, trained by and subject to editorial supervision from our News department. Our Producers live in our community, understand local issues and needs, and reflect a range of views, voices and perspectives in our broadcast area.

The result is a unique sound and an authentic voice of our community--its arts, culture, and people who shape it.

Ann Sunlit Room DJ
Barbara Evans Poets West News
Brother Ace Da' Coconut Wireless DJ
Bryan Ollie Soul & Funk Express DJ
Chris Wartes Classical Edge DJ
Chuck Noel Getting Your Dough to Rise News
Clancy Dunigan Clancy's Bar & Grill DJ
Darryl "D. Duane" Nichols Gumbo Mix DJ
David Ballew The Blue Moon Lounge DJ
Delvin Neugebauer Twenty Flight Rock DJ
Diana Floating World DJ
Doc Melton Loud As We Want DJ
DJ Goawaysun Soundopolis DJ
DJ Kitty Sunlit Room  DJ
Pastor Donald Moody Vision Beats DJ
Donn Erisman Sunlit Room DJ
Doria Vision Beats DJ
Douglas Colbert Reggae Yard DJ
Ed Gasparini Academy of Comedy DJ
Gabriele Bartholomew Power of Peace News
Gary Idleburg America's Disappeared News
Henry Yarsinke, Jr. The Stereo Wire DJ
J. Glenn Evans Poets West News
Jeff Hofman Dusties DJ
Jerry Bennett From Here to Obscurity DJ
Jessica Phipps Nightfall DJ
Jim Smith Labor Radio Journal News
Jim Hilmar Frettin' Fingers DJ
Joan Bethel Focus on Aging News
John Jamieson Sound Living News
John McAlpine Made in the U.S.A. DJ
Jon Noe Substitute at Large DJ
Karen Nordic Roots and Branches DJ
Kasra Pournadeali Sound Healthy Living News
Leilani Passport DJ
Lon Palmer Poptopia Parkway DJ
Maire Sunlit Room DJ
Mark Hale Sand in the Gears Commentary DJ
Mary Ellen Wood Community Life News
Meredith Sunlit Room DJ
Michelle Valentine League of Women Voters Magazine on the Air News
Mike Check The Mike Check Show DJ
Mike "Goose" Guzman Unmitigated Audacity DJ
Nick Aldrich Human Rights Digest (Amnesty International) News
Miss Nicolette Bluegrass Express DJ
Noel Williams Caribbean Sounds DJ
Norma Bruns League of Women Voters Magazine on the Air News
Norton Younglove Reggae Yard DJ
Pat Langston A Good Time DJ
Pineapple Sam Da' Coconut Wireless DJ
Rebecca Dirks Sound Healthy Living News
Rob Emery The Tunnel DJ
Robin Audio Indigo DJ
Romi Vision Beats DJ
Ron Taffi Sunlit Room, Juke Joint DJ
Roy Holman Roy Holman Commentary News
Stacy Wells Sound Healthy Living News
Steve Aagard Sunlit Room DJ
Steve Ward The Big Bandstand DJ
Taryn Sunlit Room DJ
The Lady in Red The Lady in Red
Tracy Sunlit Room DJ
Trevor Levinsky Da' Coconut Wireless DJ
Van Ramsey Substitute at Large DJ
Wade Oberlin Last Exit DJ
Wandering Joel Floating World DJ
Wayne Lennon Floating World DJ