KSER Board of Directors

The KSER Foundation is an independent non-profit foundation 501 (c) 3 governed by a Board of Directors elected annual by our donor/members. Board members typically serve a three-year term, unless appointed to fill current open seats, and are limited to three consecutive terms.

The Board usually meets the second Tuesday of the month. Notices of public board meetings are posted on the home page of the KSER website. The public is welcome to attend

For more information about the KSER Foundation including Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, and recent tax statements, visit the Foundation page.

You can contact the Board via mail to the station, via email or by leaving a message on our listener comment line at 425-303-9070.
Brenda Mann Harrison - Board President
Occupation: Sr. Communication Consultant and Media Relations, Safeco Insurance
Residence: Snohomish, WA
On Public Radio: Independent public radio has the power to provide a different point of view from what we normally receive through the media, to serve as a forum for different voices from around the world or around the corner, and to help preserve democracy. To be a vital resource, public radio should serve the common good, providing news, information, education and culture that enriches lives and connects us with each other. 
Board/Community Experience: Leadership Tomorrow Class of 2011; International Association of Business Communicators; Advisory Board for Snohomish High School Department of Technology and Business; Previous: Cocoon House Program Committee and Speakers’ Bureau.

Nina Martinez - Vice President
Occupation: Health care business consultant
Residence: Everett, WA
On Public Radio: I believe public radio is a powerful solution to bring communities together. KSER effectively promotes well-informed information to its listeners and challenges them to think in broader terms. KSER serves as a non-partisan conduit to listeners, irrespective of differences of opinion. As a KSER Foundation Board member I will further the KSER mission to connect with more diverse communities resulting in continued expansion of listeners that are in support of this important media outlet.
Board/Community Experience:  Chair of the Latino Civic Alliance (LCA) non partisan civic engagement organization 2010 to present; State advocate on labor, human rights, health care, education, public safety and economic development; Active member in the arts, professional photographer - recognized at state and national exhibits.

Marla Hamilton Lucas - Treasurer
Occupation: Small business owner
Residence: Snohomish, WA
On Community Radio’s Role: I appreciate the commitment that public radio makes to providing balanced and thoughtful coverage of news and issues. I think it’s good that KSER is taking public radio back a few steps and presenting content that is community generated and providing some points of view that the larger public radio stations are not.  I’d like to see this community resource be able to continue and to grow.
Board/Community Experience: Most recently Finance Manager at a Conservation District for more than ten years, working directly with/for a volunteer Board of Supervisors. Began professional career in public accounting and have worked at several large companies in the Seattle area in various financial roles. Washington State CPA. Member of Snohomish City Toastmasters.

Sandy ThompsonSecretary
Occupation: Retired OLTP database architect
Residence: Everett, WA
On Public Radio: Above all, public radio belongs to its listeners, not to some corporation or institution. Public radio serves its listeners best when it provides news, music, and information the corporate and institutional system omits. It can give local artists, community members and organizations a voice. It can improve democracy by making people better informed.

Board/Community Experience: KSER Board (2003-2012); Everett Public Library Board (2005-2010); Friends of Everett Public Library (2012)

Heather Bennett
Occupation:  Executive Director of Institutional Effectiveness & Resource Development, Everett Community College
Residence: Everett, WA
On Public Radio: Independent public radio serves the community by broadcasting local and global news and commentary. Typically marginalized by mainstream media, these voices are essential to supporting the ideal of an informed, engaged community. Independent public radio also offers listeners access to local artists and music programming driven by local volunteers, which helps create a vital sense of community cultural connection in our region.
Board/Community Experience: With more than 15 years of experience in fundraising for nonprofit arts, education, and social service organizations, I currently serve Everett Community College by managing its grants activities and by organizing and supporting its community-based strategic planning process, including implementation and outcomes reporting. I served on the board of the Kentucky Women Writers Conference for three years (2003-06), and I have been on the board of Poetry Northwest since 2010. I am a graduate of the Leadership Snohomish County class of 2011, and served on the Education Days Committee in 2011-12. I am a member of the Washington Executive Leadership Academy (WELA) class of 2013.

Ed Gasparini
Occupation: Semi-retired Technical Writer/Business Analyst
– The Boeing Company; Grants Writer.
Residence: Sultan, WA
On Public Radio: In the age of McRadio, community radio is about the only place left for local news and local interest programming, music and other entertainment programs that have appeal for niche audiences. We can also provide information on services available in the community that people without computers would not normally be aware of.
Board/Community Experience: KSER Volunteer and on-air host 2005-2013 (The Road Home; Academy of Comedy); Evergreen Food Rescue; Mountainview Church Men’s Activities Director, Sunday School Teacher; FareStart Volunteer.

Alan Jacobson
Occupation: Branch Manager, Evergreen Branch Library
: Everett, WA
On Public Radio
: We need a voice that doesn’t belong to corporate America. The value of public radio lies in the fact that it is beholden to its listeners alone. It can provide unfettered access to just the music, news, and information that it public demands…and deserves. There is less and less of a counter voice to Clear Channel these days. Every public radio station is invaluable.
Board/Community Experience
: Everett Library Board meetings; Community-based strategic planning process for Everett Public Library and Oak Park Public Library; Casino Road Stakeholders group; presentations at most Everett neighborhood associations; outreach and partnerships with many Everett not-for-profits such as Goodwill and the South Everett Neighborhood Center.

Pam Somers
Occupation: Accounts Payable Specialist, United Way of Snohomish County
Residence: Lake Stevens, WA
On Public Radio: Community radio is unique - offering a non-commercial source of local, national and global information, providing an avenue for local talent, and giving each of us the opportunity to become more involved in its success.
Board/Community Experience: Currently serving as the KSER Board / Volunteer Liaison, Ethics Officer and board member. Former community experiences include the Washington Public Campaign Finance Reform and Healthcare For All Washington

Mary Jane Brell Vujovic

Occupation: Snohomish County Human Services Director
idence: Everett, WA
On Public Radio: Public radio provides us with unique viewpoints not available anywhere else. It broadens our understanding of the world and enriches our lives in the process.
Board/Community Experience: Currently: KSER Foundation Board of Directors, Snohomish County Partnership to End Homelessness Board Member, United Way of Snohomish County Community Matters Vision Council Member

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