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From Here To obscurity Playlist 4-8-09

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Powder    Kick Me    Biff! Bang! Powder
Brain    Police Oh No    Brain Police
The Bush    Sit Down, Shut Up, Don't Talk    Got Bush If You Want It
The Purple Hearts    Of Hopes & Dreams & Tombstones    The Purple Hearts
Wanderers    Higher Education    Destination Frantic Vol. 3

Sticks & Stones    Try    Wild Sydes Vol. 6
The Rouges Don't Follow Me Sixties Rebellion Vol. 7-The Backyard Patio
John English & The Lemondrops Just Don't Complain The Preachers-Moanin'
The Triumphs Triumphs Theme Garageaholic! Psychedelic! Outsider Music!

From Here To Obscurity Playlist 4/1/09

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Tom Carter & The Ramrods   Flying Saucer Twist   Single (45)   
The Outer Limits   Don't Need You No More   New Mexico Punk From The Sixties (LP)   
The Oxford Five   The World I've Planned   Grains Of Time   
The Sound Sandwich   Zig Zag News   Ain't It Hard   

The Mustangs   Nova News   Riverside Garage Legends...And That's For Sure   
The Leathercoated Minds   Eight Miles High   Ain't It Hard   
The Rockin' Rogues   Loose From My Mind      It's A Kave In   

From Here To Obscurity Playlist 03-25-09

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The Shadows Of Knight    I'll Make You Sorry    Back Door Men
Johnny Fortune    Don Stole My Girl    Wyld Sydes Vol. 9
Claytons    Puttin' Me On    Trip In Tyme Vol. 2
The Wooley Ones    Put Her Down    Scarey Business
The Triumphs    Lovin' Cup    Teenage Shutdown-The World Ain't Round, It's Square

The Immediate Family    Wet Chant    What a Way To Come Down
Media    Girl, I Want You    Gravel Vol. 5
Chozen Ones    Cold Summer    Trip In Tyme Vol. 2

Songs from Wailers interview 3-19-09

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Most of these were picked by Kent and Buck as the interview progressed.

Out Of Our Tree
Dirty Robber
Louie Louie
Tall Cool One
Tough Bounce
Baby Don't Do It
Hang Up
Since You've Been Gone
It's You Alone
Gunnin' For Peter

From Here To Obscurity playlist 3-11-09

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Playlist 3-11-09

The Beefeaters    Don't Hurt Me    Crystal Green Ties Vol. 3
Undecyded    Make Her Cry    Garage Punk Unknown Pt. 1
The Pyramids    I Don't wanna Cry    Teenage Rebellion 9-The Nightclub
Cherry Slush    I Cannot Stop    You You Gotta Have Moxie Vol. 1
It's Us    Don't Want Your Lovin'    Back From The Grave Pt. 4

The Wailers    Isabella    Original Golden Crest Masters

From Here To Obscurity Playlist 3-4-09

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The Hangman Of Fairfield County    Stacey    Hipsville 29 BC (LP)
The Trolls    Laughing All The Way    Destination Frantic Vol. 2
The Beaux Jens    She Was Mine    Back From The Grave Part 3
Mike And The Ravens    Goodbye To Maryjane    Nevermore
Fever Tree    I Can Beat Your Drum     Garage Beat '66 Vol. 1

Jeff St. John And The Id    Sunaroid '67    Ugly Things Vol. 1 (LP)
Bold    Gotta Get Some    Pebbles Vol. 10
Silver Fleet    Look Out World    Pebbles Vol. 7 (LP)

From Here To Obscurity Playlist 2-25-09

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The Purple Hearts    I'm Gonna Try    The Purple Hearts (LP)
The Chains     It's A Shame    The Beatles Of El Paso
Faine Jade   Can't Get You Out Of My Heart    It Ain't True-Distortions (LP)
The Beatles     Devil In Her Heart    With The Beatles
The Myst    I'm Crying    Psychedelic Unknowns Vol, 4

Ambushers    I Need Love Trip   In Tyme Vol.2
The Inspirations   That Girl    Badger Beat (LP)

Playlist 2/18/09 Cramps Tribute

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The cuts listed as Radio Cramps- The Purple KNIF Show are from a radio show Lux Interior of The Cramps did in 1984. They are rare items from his record collection mostly unavailable on compilations.

Tamerons    Wild Man    Tobacco A-Go-Go Vol. 3
Dean Carter    Rebel Woman    Call Of The Wild
Sounds Unlimited     Cool One    Tobacco A-Go-Go Vol. 3
The Cramps    TV Set    Songs The Lord Taught Us
The Sonics    He's Waiting    Boom
Screamin' Jay Hawkins     Little Demon    Cow Fingers And Mosquito Pie

Songs From The Electric Prunes Interview

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The Electric Prunes    Hello Out There    Feedback
The Electric Prunes    Tidal Wave    California
The Electric Prunes    Train For Tomorrow    Underground
Jim & The Lords        I'm Free     The Sanctions/Jim & The Lords
The Electric Prunes    Ain't It Hard    Long Day's Flight
The Electric Prunes    Morphine Drip    Feedback
The Electric Prunes    I Had Too Much Too Dream (Last Night)    I Had Too Much Too Dream

Electric Prunes Interview on From Here To Obscurity

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From Here To Obscurity will be airing an interview with two of the founding
members of the Electric Prunes, James Lowe and Mark Tulin.
Hear about their history and current projects mixed around music
from the pre-Prunes days through the newest CD.
Airtime is Wednesday February 11th at 10:30 pm on KSER 90.7 FM

Playlist 2-4-09

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Knightsmen    Daddy Was A Rolling Stone    Ikon Records Story (LP)    
Traits    Parchman Farm   Trip In Tyme Vol. 3    
One Eyed Jacks    Die Today    Die Today    
Circus    Bad Seed (You're A Bad Seed)    Gravel Vol.1    
Alliance    Somewhere They Can't Find Me    Storm In The Garage CD1    
Lost Generation    I'd Gladly Pay    Garage Punk Unknowns Pt. 1    
Shondells    Somethings Got A Hold Of Me  Ikon Records Story (LP)    

From Here To Obscurity Playlist 1-28-09

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Rockin' Rebellions....Don't Let Go....Wyld Sydes Vol. 7
Godfrey....Let's Take A Trip....Sixties Rebellion Vol. 12 Demented
Ides....Psychedelic Ride....Teenage Shutdown-I'm Gonna Stay
Systems....How High Is High....Gravel Vol. 4
The Rubber Band....Below Up Above Down....The Human Expression And Other Psychedelic groups
The Sonics....High Time....Maintaining My Cool
The Missing Links....You're Driving Me Insane....The Missing Links (LP)
Mickey Kalis & The Bakersfield Band....Got No Time....Quagmire Vol. 1
The Weeds.... It's Your Time....The Lollipop Shoppe
The Masters Apprentices....War Or Hands Of Time....Complete '65-68
Brakmen....Movin'....Wyld Sydes Vol. 7

From Here To Obscurity playlist 1-21-09

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Los Young Beats….Baby Please Don't Go….The Exciting Sounds Of Los Young Beats
Bintangs….Is A Bird Blue….Travellin' In The USA/Ridin'With The Bintangs
Electric Prunes….Long Days Flight 'til Tomorrow….Live In Stockholm
Roadrunners….Goodbye….The Roadrunners (LP)
Wind….Don't Take Your Love Away….Teenage Shutdown-She's A Pest
Beethoven Four….I'm Leaving Today….Quagmire #2
Gonn….Doin' Me In….Pebbles Vol. !0
Four More….Problem Child….Total Raunch
The Keymen….What Am I To Do….Basementville! USA ( LP)
Panics….No More….Aliens, Psychos& Wild Things Vol. 2

From Here To Obscurity 1-14-09 playlist

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The Shadows Of Knight---The Hunter---Live   
The Sanctions---Jack The Ripper---The Sanctions   
Electric Prunes---Get Me To The World On Time---I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night)   
Electric Prunes---Flying Blind---Feedback   
The Dynasty---I've Gotta Shout---Psychedelic States/Wisconson   
Lost Generation---Night Time---Quagmire #7   
Executioners---You Won't Find Me---Destination Frantic Vol. 2   
Mussies---Louie Go Home---The Fenton Story   
Count Five---Psychotic Reaction---Psychotic Reunion Live   

From Here To Obscurity Playlist 1-7-09

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Band / Song / CD/LP
The Night Walkers / The Night Walker / Baltimore's Teen Beat A Go Go    
We The People / Everything'll Be Allright / Mirror Of Our Minds    
The Survivors / Shakin' With Linda / Pebbles Vol. 7 (LP)    
The Kingsmen / What'd I say / Live & Unreleased    
The Wailers / Baby, Don't Do It / Live Wire    
The Beggars / Night Of Pleasure / Baltimore's Teen Beat A Go Go    
Things To Come / Speak Of The Devil / Garage Beat '66 Vol. 6    
The Craig / I Must Be Mad / Pebbles Vol. 7 (LP)    

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