From Here To Obscurity Playlist 2-25-09

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The Purple Hearts    I'm Gonna Try    The Purple Hearts (LP)
The Chains     It's A Shame    The Beatles Of El Paso
Faine Jade   Can't Get You Out Of My Heart    It Ain't True-Distortions (LP)
The Beatles     Devil In Her Heart    With The Beatles
The Myst    I'm Crying    Psychedelic Unknowns Vol, 4

Ambushers    I Need Love Trip   In Tyme Vol.2
The Inspirations   That Girl    Badger Beat (LP)
Faine Jade     I'm A Wanderer     It Ain't True-Distortions (LP)
Mindbenders   Off And Running    Mod Meeting Vol. 3
Missing Links    All I Want    Missing Links (LP)
The Teen Kings    St. Louis Blues    Are You Ready

Ethics    A Whole Lot Of Confusion    Trip In Tyme Vol.2
Principals    I Can't Stop    Wild Things: Wild Kiwi Garage '66-'68 (LP)
The Mockingbirds    I Never Should Have Kissed You    Mod Meeting Vol. 3 (LP)
The Quarrymen    Don't Try Your Luck    Badger Beat (LP)
The Outcasts    The Birds    I'm In Pittsburgh And It's Raining!

The Wailers    Out Of Our Tree    Outburst
Jeannie, Jim, Tom & Bill     Silly Whim    Return Of The Frozen Few (LP)
Neighborhood Children    Please Leave    Neighborhood Children (LP)
The Movin' Morfomen    We Tried, Try It    Flashbacks

North Carolina Tribute:

The Young Ones    Too Much Lovin'     Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.1 (LP)
Abbreviations    True Fine Lovin'    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.2 (LP)
Paragons    Abba    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.2 (LP)
Soul Twisters    Soul Fever    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.3
Words Of Love    I'd Have To Be Outta My Mind     Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.3
Counts IV     Spoonful    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.3

Psychic Motion    Big Teaser    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.2 (LP)
Londons    Old Man-Thing Of Age    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.2 (LP)
The Bonnevilles    Naughty Girl     Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.2 (LP)
Shirley Hughey     Pink And Green    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.3
Grifs     Keep Dreamin'    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.3
Corsayers    Money    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.1 (LP)

The Dukes    It's Got The Whole WorldShakin'     Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.1 (LP)
Inexpensive Handbag Look    What Good Is Up    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.3
Barracudas (Virginia)    Not Fade Away    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.1 (LP)
Huns    You Know    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.3
Teenbeats    I Guess That's Why You're Mine    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.2 (LP)
King Bees    I Want My Baby    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.3

Clear Blue Sky    Morning Of Creation    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.1 (LP)
The Bondsmen    Our Time To Fly    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.1 (LP)
Sacred Irony    I See Love    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.2 (LP)
Psychotrons    Death Is A Dream    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.3
The Young Ones    Harbor Melon    Tobacco A-Go-Go-Go Vol.3


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