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    tried the 'auto playlist' feature for the new website last night with mixed success...what i was playing at the time showed in the 'now playing' banner ok but, it wasn't building a list below in the window meant for that...then it started to 'jam up' in that it went into 'not responding' with every change...i eventually gave up...the request email isn't working either...don't waste time trying for now...they will get it fixed and then push it on the stay tuned (like you wouldn't) for further info...

    it's a 'three and out' kind of day for the ' far...end of the first...later? dodgers will get one more chance to change their happy to see the 'townies' get some again...i grew up with those fab long, tight series games between the dodgers and yankees...pitching duels and small ball...the best it gets...the goods...

    fall is showing on the felines...the younger siam colors are darkening to a more 'overall' choc look...good to gather whatever heat...environmental effects on cat fur color...clear 'soft money' project grant...pray for democrats...or forget any dream of ever retiring...tightly wound...just like 'the fed'...but i am willing to slash my interest rates by five full points...stimulate the hell out of ya...

publish or perish

you know the old saying...any port into which i can inject my brand of oddness is well used...thanks to you for 'dawgedly' moving forward with this...while i was doing the site, i spoke many times to staff about contributing to one of the best read 'public radio' sites...hopefully this new approach will make it easy enough for everybody...

Into the brave new

Into the brave new world.

Dawg, glad you're bravely going where few volunteers have dared to tread! Nice to read your playlist. Some of my faves are on the list.

Yes, we're still working out some of the last technical issues. We thought it was more important to get this darn website up than wait for perfection, so we decided to launch it as is.

Our software gurus are working overtime to finish development. We expect to get most of this ironed out in the next couple weeks.

In the meantime, hope you're finding this site useful. Let us know what else you need.

Bruce Wirth General Manager, 90.7 KSER

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