From Here To Obscurity Playlist 12-3-08

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Band / Song / CD LP

The Mods / All The Day / At The Club (LP)
Grapes Of Wrath    / Baby Come On Home / Wyld Sydes Vol. 6
The Underprivileged / You Hurt Me / Sixties Rebellion Vol. 4
Goodsons / Twisted Mind / Gravel Vol. 4
The Plague / Go Away / Teenage Shutdown-I'm A No Count
Joey Gee And the Come Ons / She's Mean / Garage Beat '66-I'm In Need
Kan Dells / I Want You To Know / Total Raunch
Sounds Unlimited / Why Doesn't She Believe Me / Grains Of Time
Boots / Laissez Briller Le Soleil / Worldbeaters Vol.6
The Ragoos / Do The Rahgoo /    Garage Beat '66-I'm In Need
Brightness / But Why I Can't / Worldbeaters Vol.6
The Roots / Lost One / Fort Worth Teen Scene! #2
Cliff Cenneth & The Lights / Come On Share / Beat On The Krauts Im Star-Club Hamburg #2 (LP)
Somebody's Children / I'm Going Back To New York City /    Wyld Sydes Vol. 6
Continentals / I'm Gone / Teenage Shutdown-I'm A No Count
Georgy & The Velvet Illusions / Hippy Town / Total Raunch
Saxons / The Way Of The Down / Sixties Rebellion Vol. 3
The Daganites /    I'm Gonna Slide / Psychedelic Unknowns Vol. 3
Tommy Wright / We Lost It / Sixties Rebellion Vol. 4
The Knights / I Don't Need You / I Don't Need You
The Wailers / Live Wire / Live Wire
The Dynamites / Don't Leave Me Behind / At The Club (LP)
The What's New / Up So High / Fuzz, Flakes & Shakes #4 (LP)
Tommy Jett / Groovy Little Trip / Gravel Vol. 4
Backgrounds / Day Breaks At Dawn / Fuzz, Flakes & Shakes #2 (LP)
The Psychotics / If You Don't Believe Me, Don't / Sixties Rebellion Vol. 15
The Outspoken Blues / Not Right Now / The Outspoken Blues
Tomorrow's Children / I Can Only Give You Everything / Badger Beat Chronicles (LP)
Florian Monday & His Mondos / Rip It Up / Hipsville #2 (LP)
The Night People / Crebian Borialis / Sixties Rebellion Vol. 6
The Chrome Syrcus / Lord Is Black / Psychedelic Unknowns Vol. 3
Children Of The Mushroom / You Can't Erase A Mirror / Psychedelic Unknowns Vol. 11 (LP)
The Chaparrals / Blues From a Jefferson Airplane / The Cicadelic 60's vol. 2
The Shillings / Laugh / The Cicadelic 60's vol. 3
Gary Walker & The Rain / Magazine Woman / Love , Peace & Poetry British Psychedelic Music
13th Floor Elevators / Scarlet And Gold / Bull Of The Woods
Time Machine / Turn Back Time/Bird In The Wind / Rubble #18
Swaydes / Anymore / Total Raunch
Bobby & The Farraris / In The Morning / Relative Distance (LP)
The Missing Links / Don't Give Me No Friction / Diggin' In The Bins
The Royal Coachmen / Killer Of Men / Shutdown '66 (LP)

Children of the Mushroom

The object of the show is to give bands like yours some time on the airwaves. Thanks for writing!


Children of the Mushroom

Yes, we were almost forgotten...


Dennis - drummer
Children of the Mushroom 1967

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