Jeff Hofman


I first started in public radio back in late 1987 at KBCS 91.3 in Bellevue WA.  During my years there, which lasted until early 1993, I did afternoon news reports and hosted a few different late night music shows (Midnight to 3 AM).  The first one was called "Nuggets" which featured garage and other styles of rock music from the 1960's.  A few years later, I developed an interest in 60's Soul music and changed the format and name of my show this time to "The Soul Shack".  Later, I combined both rock and soul music on my show thus I called it "The Rock & Soul Shack". 

I've been a volunteer at KSER since August of 1993 where I first started as a board operator for a show called "Con Salsa."  I did that until the end of February of the following year and from March-June 1994, I hosted a 60's and 70's soul and r&b music show called "Rising Soul" which aired Saturday's from 6-8 AM.   In July of '94, I moved to Friday nights from 10 PM to midnight, and this time I changed the name of the show to "Dusties" and still kept the 60's and 70's soul and r&b format.   From late September 1994 to early July 2007, Dusties aired from 8-10 PM on Friday and on July 7th, I moved to my current time of Saturday's from 5-7 PM.    

In 2006, I started to incorporate the sounds of r&b music from the 1940's and 1950's so now the Dusties show contains the best in soul and r&b music from the 60's and 70's along with a touch of 40's and 50's R&B for good measure. 

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congrats on 20 years


I've been listening to your show for almost 20 years. Babies born and raised and husband raised and booted with the help of your tunes :) Thanks for being there with the soul and R & B! It still sounds fresh,


Hello from and old friend

Hello Jeff, this is Slick-Rick, remember me your friend whom worked with you at Boeing up in Everett during the early 90's. How have you been doing my friend. Please give me a call sometime. Ricky

Jeff, I just heard you say,


I just heard you say, I think, not only your show but KSER may not be here long. A shame. KSER is the best eclectic radio station I know of.

But let me tell you why I'll never make a pledge to the station. The political programing is exclusively left wing. And while I really enjoy listening to points of view different from mine as a way of challenging my own point of view, I also like to hear point/counterpoint. As a decades long-time Libertarian (actually a Jeffersonian Democrat) I can't financially support programing that undermines liberty and freedom of the individual from politicians and judges interested in their own careers and perks; not the general real.

I wish you the best.


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