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Ed Gasparini's mother told him she went into labor with him while watching Milton Berle on tv. Some people think that explains a lot. When not on the air, or going through discount record bins looking for comedy albums Ed works for a rather large aeronautics company in the area. He has a wife and two daughters who manage to put up with stacks of old vinyl and all his other nonsense. Ed and his wife escaped from New Jersey in the late 1980's.

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Might I suggest "ode to a dead roomie"? I like the Feng Shui Ninjas in general, but I think you and your fans would appreciate this song ;).

West Virginia Liers Contest


I called you last week and was unable to articulate (or remember) the name of the guy that had won the West Virginia Liers Contest (I had the state wrong as well). It turns out his name is Bil Lepp.

I think you would enjoy Bil's recordings and they would work well for your show. I have heard two of his stories, there may be more. Both revolve around his "monster stick" what we would call a fishing pole.

At any rate, I think you would do yourself and your listeners a favor if you can find this comedy material.

A Long Time Listener,



Good morning how about some Burns and Schrivier?


Upcoming on the Academy of Comedy

This week Nathan will do a set on politics. Just when you thought it was safe to turn the radio back on.

The Saturday before Thanks giving I plan to play Alice's restaurant, as well as some Stan Freberg Thanksgiving material.

After Thanksgivng the wacky tunes will turn to Christmas wacky tunes, culminating in a 2 hour Christmas wacky tunes set on the SAturday before Christmas.

Comedy: better than sex & almost as good as coffee!

My motto for years now has been:

Wake up laughing.
Fall asleep smiling.
The "IN-BETWEENS" will take care of themselves.

With that in mind, I am ecstatic to be able to tune in
to ED (and now, NATHAN!) every Sat Morn on KSER!

A hearty & heartfelt THANK YOU!

~Ted Sharpe ............. teds@kser.org...

p.s. REST IN (chuckling & giggling) PEACE, Sir MadMan Robert.. .. .. ..

Nathan Detroit on the Academy of Comedy

Nathan Detroit has agreed to do a weekly 15 minute set on the Academy of Comedy, at 8 o'clock on Saturdays. It will be a theme set featuring hard to find goodies from the Madman'scollection which he has inherited. This week, November 1, he will do a Halloween set.

Greetings from Not-Asbury-Park, NJ!

Ed didn't mention his New Jersey origins, but as one of his old pals from back East I can vouch for his comedy "bone-a-fy-dees." Back in the day we saw a lot of the greats performing at places like the Capitol Theater in Passaic NJ -- George Carlin, Martin Mull, Robert Klein, and Rodney Dangerfield. And our group were regulars at the Saturday night film festivals at the Park Theater in Caldwell to catch the classic comedy films they always featured. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, now we can listen to his show here in the Garden State and even submit a track or two for the "Whacky Tunes" segment. Sounding great, Ed! Keep it up!

Nyuck, nyuck!

Jim O'Malley

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