Thank You and Farewell to Danny Holiday

Danny HolidayKSER is saddened to bid farewell to our radio colleague Danny Holiday.  Danny, host of the popular Rock 'N' Roll Time Machine, heard most recently Saturday mornings on KSER, passed away February 20, 2012 after a long illness.

(Program note: KSER is planning a broadcast tribute to Danny Holiday.  Watch the website and keep listening to KSER for more details.)

Danny's Rock 'N' Roll Time Machine focused on the music of the 1950s and '60s, the formative years of rock 'n' roll, and of deejays like Danny Holiday. Raised in Everett and transplanted to Anacortes, Danny developed an early passion for rock music and brought that zeal to radio stints at KOL in Seattle during the "boss jock" era, and later to the Rock 'N' Roll Time Machine on KZOK and KBSG in the 1980s and '90s.  During the 1970s he worked in the record industry, getting to know and promote many famous artists.

After a period of retirement, Danny felt the call of the microphone and revived the Rock 'N' Roll Time Machine on KSER. He called his three-hour programs, "a back-roads approach to the music", incorporating bits of artist trivia, alternate recordings, personal stories and Danny's wry personality.  As he used to say, "there is not another show exactly likely this one anywhere in the world." We would add that Danny was surely a one-of-a-kind too.

Thank you, Danny Holiday, for your service to KSER, to our listeners, and to the music you loved.

Danny & The Whalers

I remember he always asked us to turn toward Tacoma to honor The Whalers when he played them. Sorry to hear, always wondered what happened to him so finally did a search. He was the most interesting DJ I've ever heard and very passionate...

Dan Holiday

Just found this about his passing. I had wondered. I listened to his Rock N Roll Time Machine for YEARS.He taught me so much. Only time I ever heard him anything but happy and enthusiastic was after Roy Orbison died. So subdued. I recall him telling a story of Roy whom Dan was introducing at a show.So polite. Lots of stories.Lots of music. Stuff I never would have heard.I wish I could have met him and told him how much he has given me through his show and sharing his knowledge. I know he's Up There now in Rock N Roll Heaven introducing Roy to the masses. God Bless,Danny and thank you for the music.

Danny Holiday

I recall Danny Holiday when Dan was Dan Thygesen taking this story back to 1958. Then Dan was living in Anacortes WA.. as Dan and his family moved to Anacortes from Everett WA.around that period.
Dan soon became very popular in school high school he played a little JV Foot-ball and also in the school band. It was in his sophomore year that Dan got a job after school working at the local radio station in Anacortes, Dan was 15 years old.. Sometimes he would allow some of his friend to come down to the station and hang out.. Dan was real serious about his job,,,as when the red light went on in the sound proof radio station this meant he was on the air, we had to be real quite or he would tell us to leave. That never happened as we were happy to be there. Things are the way they I moved to California and Dan went on into the radio business and then to a PR position for Capitol records.. So many years later I again connected with Dan .. And soon found out he changed his name and had retied at a young age of fifty two and was still spinning records.. This is when we reconnected during the years he was at KSER radio.. I used the stream radio system to hear the radio station and each week I was glued to the his Saturday show.. Some time later I recorded some of the show and have I guess 25 hours of listening music recorded on 15 or more CD.. I still listen to Danny.. Now let me just say it is not because i lack music to listen as I own a lot of music.. NO! its because I liked the way Danny presented him self as well the his Rock and Roll Time Machine program. What I am sad to see is there is or at least i have not found it yet these recording of old shows for others to listen to.. I would of thought his shows would of been recorded and made available if they are available some where please tell me where i might find out as i wish to have my friends listen to Danny Holiday.. Danny's shows will never age as time moves on. I miss you Dan. by John Skaarup Catelli Merced CA

I've just learned of Danny's passing

I've just now found out about Danny's passing and I'm deeply saddened. I interned for Danny in the 90s at KBSG, later helping him produce The Rock and Roll Time Machine, before following him Friday nights on the overnight. I'd already been a bit of a music buff before I met Danny, and he helped fill in a lot of the blanks. Danny was a friend and a mentor. I regret that we hadin't kept in touch. He and I had talked on the phone and emailed back and forth a few times the last few years about me visiting him on Camano and getting his tapes together (prior to RRTM's revival on KSER). I wish I'd taken Danny up on that. Danny, I raise a virtual Swisher Sweet and can of Pepsi Lite in your honor. God Bless You. - Ivan.

Danny Holiday

Danny and I were record promoters in the 70's. I took his place with A&M after he left...We kept in contact up until 2 years ago, and I never knew of his illness. We had some wonderful times in the record business. I remember attending a national Gavin meeting in San Francisco. I was waiting for the elevator in the hotel and when the doors opened there sat Danny and Larry Nelson (KOMO) they were seated in 2 chairs (from the lobby) and a table between them, drinks and cigs in hand they greeted the hotel guests as they entered, all the time acting as if it was natural for them to be there! I will miss him..Sue Mezich

Ladies and Gentlemen, Danny

Ladies and Gentlemen, Danny has left the building. Bye Danny, I'll miss you.

Danny Holiday RIP 2012

Danny Holiday RIP 2012 *

Danny Holiday was one of the best disk jockeys to work in Washington State. Mentored by Vancouver's great Red Robinson, Holiday stayed a fan of the music, whether working in record promotion or at many stations around Puget Sound.
I was lucky to spend a half hour with him at KPUG 1170 Bellingham in the golden era of the Live Guys in the 1960s. As music director you could bet he'd list songs to keep us happy, songs like 'Come Softly' by the Fleetwoods he liked so much. It was frosting on the cake to hear The Rock & Roll Time Machine again on KSER community radio. Very sad to say good-bye to Danny Holiday. So I'll repeat what he said to me - 'Keep on rocking.'

Bruce in Blighty

Danny Holiday

I used to listen to his Saturday morning Rock 'n Roll Time Machine. Sorry that he has passed.

Danny's funeral service

For anyone wishing to pay their last respects to one who brought so much wonderful music our way, Services for Dan will be held at 9:00 AM, Friday, February 24, 2012 at St. Mary Catholic Church, 4200 88th Street NE, Marysville, WA.

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